Deborah Talley

I am Deborah Lynn Talley and I live in Newark, New Jersey.  I am a widow, previously married to the late Ronnie D. Bell Sr.  I was blessed to mother three sons:  Robert (deceased), William, and Ronnie.  I am a graduate of West Side High School, class of 1972 and Essex College of Business Executive Secretarial course, class of 1973.

I was blessed to be born to Lou Ann and John Talley in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in July of 1953.  Due to my mother’s acute illness, she moved my siblings and me to Fayetteville, North Carolina when I was approximately three years old.  Mother raised my siblings and me in the church while living in Fayetteville.  I was baptized at the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in Raeford, North Carolina at the age of 11.  A few years later Mother and my stepfather relocated to Newark, New Jersey where I reside today.

Growing up in Newark, I was fortunate because my family joined the Little Friendship Baptist Church located at 571 South 10th Street, Newark, New Jersey under the pastorate of the late Reverend Parson.  During the many years as an active member of the church, I participate in the Nurses Auxiliary, Pastor’s Aid Committee, Young Adult Choir, Usher Board, Youth Church and various other auxiliaries for youth.  After the death of Pastor Parson, the church went through a challenging time.  I continued to remain with the church after several pastors until its present Pastor, Reverend Martin LaGree.  As the years mounted, I progressed in spiritual growth.  I was led to join Second Friendship Baptist Church, known as Friendship Ministries under the pastorate of Reverend Gerald A. Edwards.

Friendship Ministries is located at 111-113 Oraton Street, Newark, New Jersey.  I have grown exponentially under the Christian leadership of my pastor.  After many years of privilege Bible study teaching, Sunday school and mission support, I developed a hunger and thirst for increased Bible knowledge and application.  I soon found myself, along with my sister Maxine attending and completing a class for Chaplaincy in 2000.  Through the outreach ministry of the Chaplains, I continued to seek the Lord God for wisdom and knowledge.  This desire directed me to attend a complete a course in 2001 in the Old and New Testaments at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey under the instruction of Pastor and Reverend Carter.  And in 2004, I completed a study from the Community Chapel of Christ Bible Institute, located at 387 Hawthorne Avenue, Newark, Ne Jersey under The Late Bishop John W. Jackson.

In a quest of a more meticulous walk with my Lord Jesus Christ, I continue to seek guidance and instruction under my pastor, Bishop Edwards.  Having been led by the Spirit of Christ, I have achieved certain qualities that include:  (1) increased confidence in myself, (2) learned how to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ, (3) Learned how to be obedient to the Word and Will of God as I have been instructed, (4) Learned how to seek humility in adversity, (5) How to recognize the gift of Faith within and impart that gift to others, and (6) Learned how to adhere to longsuffering and meekness, which are the pillows of character.

I walk as a minister called by God, and acknowledged by myself, my pastor, via the Holy Spirit, I recognize the need to be equipped constantly for spiritual warfare.  I equip myself daily through prayer, fasting, and supplication, always remembering that his warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places.  Therefore, I am willing to duffer for the Gospel and to complete my calling in service to those who are less fortunate that me.  As a missionary, I have availed myself for the relief of others through the work of the Gospel ministry.

The Gospel ministry of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has procured in me a great aspiration for healing the sick whether in body or soul.  As I have witnessed God’s miraculous hand in healings, deliverances, and salvation, I am convinced this ministry is for me through Jesus Christ.  Through spiritual awareness and the Word of God, I am also convinces that I am to partake in teaching and motivation others to assist their beliefs in Christ. How? My interpersonal relationship with Christ my Lord is expressed through love, joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, and trust as the Lord allows me to operate in these hold administrations.
I see myself as an empty vessel before a full fountain ready and willing to be used in an evangelistic calling.  As a voice for my Lord, I am equally compelled to work with abused and battered women.  I also relish the opportunity to serve souls by feeding the hungry. Whatever the obligation bestowed upon me by my Blessed Lord Jesus, (e.g. financial physical, social, spiritual), I whole-heartedly surrender my gifts and talents that He receive the glory and Hi people be blessed.

My plan to accomplish to this God-given desire and assignment include aiding and supporting everyone I can within the realm of the gifts and talents the Lord has afforded me.  I would like to witness everyone becoming saved and given another chance to transition with me toward the privilege of eternal life, Therefore, I can no longer hesitate.  I must work while it is yet day, for soon night comes and no one can work  I am prepares and anxious to got out into vineyard and be a doe of God’s Holy Word, and not just a hearer only.  As a saint of the Most High God, I sanctify myself for His work through me believing in the power of the Blood of Christ, and the power of the Resurrection, where I assume the suffrage of Christ as my very own.