Jonene Powell-Robertson

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey to the late Lynette Powell and Joseph Lawson Jr.  Minister Jonene Robertson was baptized at Friendship Ministries, Inc on October 1, 2000.

Since joining Friendship Ministries, I have served on various auxiliaries as a member and officer such as Usher Board, Sunday School Department, Women’s Department and Pastor’s Aide.  In December 2001, I was married to my husband Troy.  Today, along with another couple of the church, we all head up our Marriage Ministry.

“God called me into the Ministry in August 2003.  So far, I have learned that as we serve, we mature.  As we mature, we serve.  I was created, commanded, saved and called to serve and worship God.  I take seriously the mandate to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone over the highways and byways”.

As she goes forth in her calling with God’s continued grace and guidance, her prayer is that she will allow God’s depth to touch, inspire and encourage His people through her.