Kyle Hammonds

Kyle "Beloved" Hammonds has been a fixture in Newark, NJ for decades.  Serving the community as a barber for over 10 years, he is currently the owner and Head Barber of Beloved R Kutz located at 51~53  Halsey St. Newark, NJ, providing a safe and positive environment for men and women of all ages to relax, fellowship and receive quality hair care.

He went to Joys Cosmetology School, East Orange, NJ where he received his Cosmetology license in 2003, and then enrolled at Eastern Seminary Bible School where he majors in Theology.  The demands of being a business owner can be very taxing, but Hammonds always finds time to serve his community. As an active member of various outreach and mentoring activities, he has found his home at Friendship Ministries located 113 Oraton Street Newark, NJ.              

While working as a Barber, Committee Member for Prayer for Newark and Founder of We Care Community Outreach Inc. Kyle has opened his eyes to the needs of our community.  Kyle easily identifies with the needs of the people he serves. We Care Community Outreach was formed to bring much needed services and resources to the people of the Greater Newark Area.  One of its premier programs, My Brother's Keeper, is a mentoring program for young men ages 11-17 that hopes to surround participants with positive people in order to affect change in the lives of the mentors AND mentees involved.   

After many trials and tribulations Kyle gives total credit and praise to God. The ministry gift in Mr. Hammonds touches the lives of men and women of all ages and backgrounds, as he teaches the Word of God with simplicity, humor, and understanding.  Kyle teaches the Word with boldness and wisdom that exceeds his age, which is a testimony that raising children in the Word of God and living it before them has rewards exceeding abundantly above all you could ask or think.